Thursday, April 30, 2015

An interesting conversation about music with Johannes Witteveen

Since my thirteenth I play guitar, first classical guitar and later I tried to play flamenco guitar but that is hard for someone who does not live in Spain (AndalucĂ­a). Playing an instrument gives you harmony and a whole lot of other things. It also gives pleasure, and harmony, to others who listen to the music.

In the video above I improvise on my José Ramirez guitar (from Madrid) and, by coincidence and good luck, the piece I improvised fitted perfectly with the video I had just finished editing (as far as the images were concerned). Later, I realized this happy coincidence was partly due to the length to which I had cut the filmed shots -- three minutes, which is a usual time length for a music piece, especially a song. This little film is like a song, not about Greece or "the" economy but about... (you fill in).

About the making of music I had an interesting conversation with Johannes Witteveen, but that's for a next post.

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