Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Alexandria - Port and City (film by Jan Joost Teunissen)

Alexandria is the largest port in Egypt, handling around 60 percent of Egypt's foreign trade. It was founded by Alexander the Great who built a city that would become the most beautiful, richest and most intellectual city in the Eastern Mediterranean. It had a famous lighthouse, a huge library and a museum. 

Today, Egypt is expanding the Port of Alexandria and other ports to become a hub for global trade and logistics. 

The film includes a lengthy tour of the port. Alexandria is also the city where the famous poet Cafavis was born and where he died. The film includes a visit to the Cavafis House. 

Jan Joost Teunissen (author of this film) and Aafke Steenhuis are writing a book about world ports and globalisation

Jan Joost is the director of FONDAD.