Thursday, November 27, 2008

Childish hope

When making coffee in my Bialetti Venus 4 I thought: the reason I have difficulty in writing that long article which includes the views of Triffin, Witteveen, D'Arista, Kenen, Williamson, Sheng, Persaud, Woo and others is that I realise too many written pieces are waiting to be read, and long articles will never be read seriously, I mean seriously by people who should read them as they are the ones taking decisions about the future course of the world economy.

I also thought: the plea, the longing in my post of yesterday is too idealist, too childish, because how can you expect or hope (esperar expresa ambas cosas) that we may live one day in a world where everybody has equal chances?

However, it is that hope or longing that inspires my work.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Is it too early?

Who has a vision of the future of global finance and the global economy? It seems that most social scientists and other thinkers are absorbed by crisis management.

Is it too early to think about a different world, a world where everybody is enjoying economic stability and the benefits of economic welfare?

Is it too early to envision the vision, the global institutions and the global and national institutional attitudes needed to realise such world?