Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Our economy needs dedicated fathers

This morning a father was walking with his children to the crèche in our street (Nieuwendammerdijk) completely absorbed by a mobile telephone conversation. A bit later another father walked to the crèche carefully looking and listening to his two children -- one standing still and observing something that he and I did not know what it was and the other, smaller child, sitting quietly in the pram (carrozzina, landau).

In my view, the second father is the kind of person we need for a better, healthier economy. Others may think that the first type of father is the better person for our economy: dedicated to his work and being efficient in his job of taking care of the kids.

Unfortunately, those in command of our economy do not share my preference for the second type of father but rather prefer the first type of father. And unfortunately, their view is shared and put in practice by many people. Unless you ask them... Then they may say that the second type of father is the better one.

Our economy needs fathers who are dedicated to their children when they are "in charge" of them. Because our economy needs sensitive, caring people. Otherwise, we will never improve our world society of which "the" economy is just one aspect.  

Obviously, you could change the word 'father' for 'mother' in this little, insignificant story, because many working mothers do the same: walking and talking with their mobile phones while they are taking "care" of the kids. 

Is this little story really insignificant?

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