Monday, June 29, 2015

Greece's tragedy is a warning for Australia

I just read an interesting article about Greece written by an Australian of Greek origin: "Why Greece's economic tragedy is a warning for Australia".

I quote the last two paragraphs and the bio at the end of the article:

Ultimately the Greek crisis is a social struggle for independence and self-respect. It is about the right of a poor nation to be kind to its citizens. This is about the right to maintain safety nets for all. Sound familiar?
The present crisis is a turning point in Greek history. In 1941, Greece said "No" to the Axis powers and delayed the advance of Hitler to Russia. In a few days Greek citizens will be in a position to decide their fate with a "Yes" or a "No". Do they capitulate and sell their soul or do they suffer hardship and preserve their freedom? There is an old Greek saying that is quite apt for every Australian: "Better one hour of freedom than 40 years of slavery".
James Athanasou is a psychologist of Greek-Australian background and whose father came to Australia in 1923. He is an Adjunct Professor of Education, University of Technology, Sydney.

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