Saturday, June 6, 2015

Greece and its creditors - How much time and money has been wasted? Who made a calculation?

Drawing by Aafke Steenhuis
The conflict between Israel and Palestinians is a waste of precious time, energy and money. I don't know if someone has ever made a calculation of the time and costs involved of journalists, readers, tv and computer screen watchers, policymakers, political analysts, NGOs, hospitals, armament industry, etcetera.

In a similar vein, the conflict between Greece and its creditors is a waste of precious time, energy and money.

One difference between the Isreal-Palestinians conflict and that of Greece and its creditors is that the first lingers on for years and years, while the second lingers on for months and months.

Both conflicts are men made and could have been prevented or resolved more quickly.

PS: Obviously, besides costs there are and have been benefits in both conflicts - journalists, policymakers and others making a living of it and banking and armaments and other industries making a profit.

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