Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Did Christine Lagarde commit a crime?

Christine Lagarde in the court room.
In April this year I published a post that soon became the most read story on my blog, Janet Yellen praises Christine Lagarde, and now I read a story about Christine Lagarde that some of you may find interesting again. This is what I read on the Dutch news site of NOS television (the national broadcast):

IMF top woman Christine Lagarde has said on the first day of the trial about an issue from 2008 that the whole affair is based on a series of fabrications. It is suspected that she has intervened in her time as Minister of Finance in a compensation scheme for the French businessman Bernard Tapie.

Tapie received 400 million euros from the state-owned bank Credit Lyonnais after a dispute over the sale of its majority stake in Germany's Adidas.

Lagarde told the Court of Justice of the Republic that she was shocked by the indictment. Which according to her is short-sighted and "a fantasy conspiracy" written by someone who has never met her.

The proceedings against Lagarde will take ten days.

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