Friday, January 15, 2016

Europe should give hope

Europe should give hope to its citizens that it will do everything possible to give work (employment), houses, health and education to all, while making its contribution to lowering CO2 emissions.

Europe should also give hope to citizens in other parts of the world including the US, where poverty is large even though unemployment is low. Europe should give hope that a social and ecologically sustainable society is possible everywhere in the world.

Europe should not be dominated by the powerful, but by its citizens. That's what democracy is about. Here also we should give hope to citizens: hope that real democracy is possible.

I'd like to end this brief post with a personal message: Europe is a beautiful and attractive melting pot of cultures that we should cherish. I feel attracted by Mediterranean culture and just made a short video about my Italian grandmother that I would like to share with you -- see below. For those who do not understand Spanish, a translation of my voice-over is in the information about the video.

Enjoy! (joy also gives hope)


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NáN said...

Suscribo totalmente lo que expresas como deseos. Sería la única salida que tenemos para quienes por edad, o incluso por no haber nacido todavía, vienen detrás.

¿Cuándo empezar? Debimos hacerlo en los años 90, pero aunque ese retraso no lo podamos evitar, hoy sería mejor que mañana.


El vídeo con la voz en off explicativa es potente.