Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Dutch prime minister insulted Greek government

Dijsselbloem and Rutte discussing the Greek referendum.
I live in the Netherlands, I have the Dutch nationality, I live with pleasure in a country that has known moments in history characterised by an open mind to the surrounding world and its people as well as to the 'foreigners' living on Dutch soil -- be they immigrants, tourists or refugees.

But listening to what Dutch prime minister Rutte said yesterday about Greece made me angry and feel ashamed. He plainly and arrogantly warned the Greek government to not come to Brussels today with a "flutverhaal". If you are not Dutch it is hard to understand the arrogant and derogatory connotation of "flutverhaal". I do not know if "rubbish story" is an adequate translation.

How did the Dutch prime minister dare to talk in such denigrate terms about a government that has over the past five months made serious proposals to get Greece on a sound and viable economic path -- more serious than the unintelligent, dogmatic recipes the Dutch government as a key participant in negotiations with Greece has advocated.

And why did Dijsselbloem, sitting next to Rutte when the prime minister uttered this insulting nonsense, not correct his colleague? Or has he not listened to the sensible proposals of his Greek colleague in the Eurogroup meetings he has chaired over the past five months?

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