Friday, November 14, 2014

Am I naive? (2)

Notwithstanding my observation or belief that we are all small capitalists or want to become small capitalists, or rather, just because I think we all are, or almost all, I believe that we need to look beyond our own small interest and think about the fate of the others, of the larger community, the local and the world community, and about the fate of nature.

Only then we will be able to understand how change can be brought about and how, in the past, change has been brought about. Because that is exactly what our parents, grandparents,  greatgrandparents, and we have done: creating public utilities, creating a social welfare system, adopting measures to preserve nature, adopting measures to reduce CO2...

And rather than privatising public utilities and reducing the role of the state, we have to maintain or increase the role of the state.

If the world would only consist of small capitalists, or even worse, if it were dominated by big capitalist corporations, there is little hope that we can maintain or create a just and responsible world in which equality and the conservation of nature prevails.

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