Monday, September 1, 2014

Changing the dynamics of society to realise a peaceful, prosperous and equal world community

We have to change the cultural, social, political and economic dynamics of society and the world community, otherwise we will not be able to combat unemployment, reduce the use of fossil energy, reduce the emission of carbon dioxide, reduce poverty, establish peace and restore calmness to the thinking and acting of consumers, business people, policymakers and young kids.

For too long we have let run the wheel of the world by competition, rivalry, restless thirst for power, grandiosity, megalomania, mass psychological stress, mass and individual fear because of uncertainty and insecurity, and, last but not least, democracy that has become an instrument of control of people instead of giving them a voice to jointly decide in what kind of a world we would like to live, thinking about the fate of ourselves, others, and future generations.

Only if we change the mentality, the routines and the rivalry we will be able to create a more prosperous, happy, and meaningful world community characterised by peace, the satisfaction of basic needs, mutual understanding and worldwide cooperation.

We need to establish a more equal world community by taxing the rich, increasing the income of the poor, and stimulating the rise of new politicians who are interested in working for a better society, at home and abroad.

Universities should become centres for education, research and dialogue geared at the interests of the whole world population and not of the happy few. They should engage in fundamental research, not dominated by particular political interests, in policy research, education and dialogue inspired by the wish to contribute to a peaceful, prosperous and equal world community.

I came to these thoughts, that are still in progress, as a result of thinking about ways to solve some fundamental problems the world community is facing. If you want to contribute to this thinking, please send me an e-mail:

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