Monday, August 11, 2014

A new G24 to change the world?

The office from which I work.
I am venturing a new initiative (to be carried out by others with, if needed, some help by me): would it be possible to bring together (via e-mail) a group of about 24 people, experts on urgent global issues and how to solve them, working in different places around the world, and discuss among them a plan of action to "change the world"?

There are many good ideas about urgent global issues and ways to solve them but so far they have not received the support from policymakers. So the question is how to get these good ideas implemented.

What I have in mind is that a group of experts visits parliaments in countries around the globe to inform parliamentarians about the way some urgent global issues could be resolved. Such visits should be accompanied by a media campaign.

Is this a viable initiative?

I think it needs the support of first-class, independent scholars from various countries around the globe and a few expert activists and organisers like myself.

If you are interested in the ventured initiative and have some thoughts of how it could be brought about and what its effects might be, I would encourage you to send me a note including if you would like to explain why it is not viable:

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