Tuesday, November 21, 2017

I have six blogs

I have six blogs and each of them plays a different role. This blog helps me to have a dialogue with people from the FONDAD network. I also use it for publishing articles by others and posts by myself on political economic issues. Sometimes I make summaries of what people in the FONDAD network are saying. 

I also have a blog, Tutto è possibile, in which I write in Spanish. It's the only one I use for maintaining a dialogue with my readers. It deals mostly with personal and emotional matters.
I think, read and write on these two blogs in several languages. I write in Tutto è possibile in Spanish and, rarely, in Italian. I think and write in Thoughts in English, Spanish and French. I read about politics and economics in English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese and, rarely, in Catalan.Besides Tutto è possibile and Thoughts I have another public blog, Wondertje. The last three Wondertje entries are:

Reportage with a broken camera / Reportage with a b ...
Emmen: 1948-1950
Who are you? Diaries and self-portraits. New book by Aafke Steenhuis

The fourth public blog is Golfgroep where I publish from time to time things that have to do with the discussion group that we formed more than 25 years ago.
The other two blogs are for my literary writings and for the book project about ports in the world that my wife, Aafke Steenhuis, and I are doing.

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